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About Us

Meet the Board of McKinney Values

We are a grassroots Political Action Committee formed to build a conservative community in McKinney, Texas. Our mission is to identify and support candidates who reflect Constitutional values for McKinney public office.

Our Objectives

  • To promote an informed electorate through political education;

  • To increase the effectiveness of conservative men and women in the cause of good government through active political participation;

  • To foster conservative principles in McKinney and in the community at large;

  • To raise funds to support the election of conservative candidates.

What we Believe

We define the term “conservative” as the preservation of the American Way of Life as expressed by the United States Constitution. A conservative embraces the following tenets:

  • Faith: the right to freely practice your religion

  • Family:  the belief that strong families make a strong nation

  • Freedom:  limited government

Meet The Team


Serena Ashcroft

Argenis Baycroft

Kristina Boe

Michael Cochrum

Paul Chabot

Cynthia Durrance

Claudia Goodman

Josh Lammle

Tom Meredith

Robert Warren

Rickey Williams

Tammy Williams

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